These Are The Healthiest Drinks To Order At Happy Hour

What to *clink* without undoing all of your hard work.

When you're prioritizing your health, booze is usually the first indulgence to go. It's a wise move: Alcohol's empty calories and late night snack-inducing powers make it anything but a health booster.

And yet, connecting with friends is beneficial for emotional health, and for many of us, that happens over a drink or two. The good news is that there are ways to incorporate a drink or two into your weekly repertoire without undoing your hard work toward health. As explained in Picture Fit's video above, certain drinks are less caloric, but still pack some buzz for your buck.

If you have an otherwise healthy relationship to alcohol, allowing yourself a few drinks per week won't derail your health goals, and will grant you all the perks of unwinding with friends. What's most important is that you are safe and smart about your consumption -- and always have a designated driver to make returning home effortless.

And while you're on your health kick, you might as well take advantage of this necessary role and offer to be the sober driver every now and again. This'll ensure your friends' safety and allow you to be social without any possibility of overdoing it in the drinks department. Cheers to that!

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