Hillary Clinton Reportedly Kept An Adviser Accused Of Sexual Harassment On The Payroll

Clinton's 2008 campaign manager apparently advised the candidate to fire Burns Strider, but she didn't.

A top adviser for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign was allowed to keep his job after Clinton learned he had been accused of sexual harassment, The New York Times reports.

A 30-year-old staffer made a complaint at the time against Clinton’s faith adviser, Burns Strider. She said Strider had displayed inappropriate behavior: kissing her on the forehead, rubbing her shoulders and sending suggestive emails.

Clinton’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, suggested to the candidate that Strider be removed from his position, sources told the Times. But he stayed, according to the report. He was docked pay for several weeks and ordered to attend counseling. The woman who made the complaint was moved to a different role. 

Strider later went on to work for Correct the Record, an independent group that supported Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. He was fired months after he started that job amid accusations that he harassed a female aide, according to the Times.