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8 Things In A Guy's Home That Completely Stress Women Out (PHOTOS)

You know how uncomfortable it is to eat while a pile of dishes is staring you down?

We're well-aware of the stressors that lurk in every home. Whether it's not enough storage in the living room, a messy medicine cabinet in the bathroom or piles of mail in the kitchen that seems to grow constantly, there are areas that just make us anxious to look at. But have you ever had the strong urge to organize or purge at someone else's house? Perhaps at the home of that dude you're dating?

A little while back we wrote about the stuff we've found in men’s homes that were "deal breakers," and made us just run for the hills. But we know there are plenty of ladies out there who didn't up and leave a guy just because he can't ever seem to keep a roll of toilet paper out when you come over. But that doesn't mean you don't wish you could give his place a mini-makeover... or maybe even a full overhaul.

That's why we rounded up eight things in a dude's apartment that just completely stress us out, because if you're anything like us, you know it's not exactly easy to unwind while a pile of dirty dishes in the sink is staring you down.

Click through our slideshow to see what makes us a little anxious. And be sure to upload a photo and comment of what stresses you out.

Stressors In Guys’ Apartments

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