How Does Stephen Curry Compare To Pete Maravich?

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Answer by Lamar Hull, Played at Davidson College with Stephen Curry and Professional Overseas, on Quora.

[1] We have now witnessed the greatness of Stephen Curry who is on his way to becoming an NBA Legend. He is considered a top five point guard in the history of the NBA and will eventually be considered one of the best NBA players to ever play the game.

I grew up watching Pete Maravich's Homework Basketball to improve my game. His story is still inspiring today. I give his biography video to young players that I coach who really wants to be great at the game of basketball. Pistol Pete will show you what it takes!

Pete Maravich is a basketball legend and played the game well before his time. His passing, scoring and shooting ability was out of this world. Very similar to what Curry is doing today.

Watching Steph today and seeing what Pete Maravich did in the past, they both play with creativity and excitement. I had to compare two of my favorite players.

Check out the Stephen Curry and Pete Maravich Comparison infographic: Stephen Curry Pete Maravich Infographic | Inspirational Basketball

My thoughts on the comparison is that Stephen is on his way to surpass Pistol Pete's NBA stats at every level. The game was different when Maravich played, but their stats are very similar now with Curry only having played six seasons versus ten for Maravich.

Where Curry separates himself from Maravich is his three point shooting ability. He will go down in history as the best three-point shooter ever.

I'm excited for Steph and am grateful to have played one year with him at Davidson College. I wanted to be like Pistol Pete and my kids will want to be like Stephen Curry. What a great feeling!

How do these two basketball studs compare?

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