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How I (And You ) Could Afford to Travel - More

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As I sit at my desk in office, having a sandwich, I wonder, life would be so much more colorful if I were in the Caribbean, with a Pinacolada in one hand and a Kindle in the other!

You see, I have been reading that it is possible to travel the world more, for free. It is possible to constantly be on the move. A little struggle is required initially, which would later translate to a realization of the above.

And although I travel decently, there's so much more I'm missing out on! I need to look into ways and means to travel more!

Everybody is doing it. I need to be a part of this global community of backpackers who know better because they've seen so much more.

So here's what I've come up with. An 8 point plan which I believe could fit anybody! You only need the zeal and enthusiasm.

So here goes:

1. I need to quit my job!

I may believe that being a well-paid Business Analyst is fulfilling and and I'm making a difference in the world. But It's far from the truth. I need to start accepting that all may seem well on the surface, but it isn't sufficient and satisfactory. Money is not a requirement. Things like housing and food are superficial. My job is not making a difference in the world.

There will definitely be other jobs in the world and I will be sure to find something on the move. I only need to take the plunge. Everything will work out in the end.


2. I need to ask my parents to start supporting themselves better

They did foot my tuition bills. But then they knew that they might have to, when they planned to have me.

They may now be at a ripe age , but I need all the money I have to jet-set. I'm sure there must be something they can do to get their hands on some more money so that they don't need to rely on me and I can travel at peace.

3. I need to stop thinking about starting a family

I like kids, too much! But if I want keep moving, kids are going to slow me down. It's too complicated trying to take care of them and their demands. I have realized after reading a lot of Facebook posts that it's uber cool to be in your 30's and not have kids. Since I'm already married, unfortunately I can't add that to the post.

'Everyone's over here like "Hey I'm getting married and having babies" and I'm like "Hey, who wants to get drunk and travel the world with me?"

I'd like that to be my post too!

So I might need to re-think my decision to have kids.

If I do loose my willpower, I'm sure I will be able to find and afford sitters.


4. I need to convince my husband to get on the same page

Sure my husband is excellent at his job, but then isn't marriage about compromise?
Over time people change and so do their priorities.
I always had the travel bug, he should have known it could maybe get worse. So yes, I now want to travel full-time.

Like everybody, he needs strong willpower and I will be there every step of the way too! We can see the world together!
We don't have a house or savings, so it makes it easier. The little things we do have, we could sell all of it and it will be enough to keep us afloat for many months.

I can also convince him later we don't need babies as well.

And well, if we can't see eye to eye, I might have to travel solo.

5. I need to pay attention to the minor things!

Everything starts with baby steps! I already do not visit restaurants, don't do my nails and I'm trying really hard to cut down on my coffee addiction.

So now, I need to stop meeting friends (Friends = Beer), need to move in with my parents again (Well, they do have a house and they wouldn't ask me to pay rent), skip showers (as I already take shorter showers), grow my own potatoes (as I'm already having only potatoes for lunch and if I grew my own, there'd be substantial savings there too)

There's an endless list!

There's so many things that I can do. I just need to keep adding to it and I'm sure every penny saved will help me go further.

I could start with charging my electronic devices at work.


6. I need to ignore my medical issues

I have no idea how, but a few years ago I ended up with vertigo. It scared the shit out of me at night and I wouldn't get sleep. Bouts of dizziness took over unexpectedly and the world seemed a blur!

But I can't let it take over my life! No matter where I travel people will be friendly and passionate and help me If I do face a medical situation.

Medical care is available world-wide, at affordable rates and I'm sure a fellow human's health is paramount.

These are just hindrances that are keeping me from traveling.

7. I need to get my hands on a first-world passport

I think this might need to go at the top of the list. My passport's Rank is 59. So I can visit 59 countries visa-free or get a visa on arrival. I've written more about my woes here, but If I'm to travel more I HAVE TO do something, anything to get my hands on a first-world passport. It's sad that my passport is not as powerful as I'd like it to be, so I need to look into ways to get my hands on a different one.

Maybe divorce my husband and hook a Canuck.

Working abroad seems like the best option, if only someone would put my nationality aside and focus on my abilities.

But I can't give up, I need to continue trying.


8. I need to travel only in Europe

In peak season, an average flight to Barcelona costs $75. So If I were based in Asia or America that is not the fare I would pay. Thinking about my previous point, this just goes to show I need to move to Europe permanently.
If I add couch-surfing and house-letting to my plan, I think I'm set.

I'm sure a little research would go a long way to help me realize my dream.
All those bloggers out there telling me, If they can do it, I can too, are completely honest and motivational.

It's up to me to start chanting the mantra and put the pedal to the metal.
If I work hard and have the desire, everything will fall into place and the problems I currently face, will vanish.

All I need to do is change my mindset - to have a glamorous Instagram profile that reads 7 continents, 50+ countries, that others like me will envy.

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