How Police Chaplains Help Departments Cope With Officer Deaths

Dallas police officers are in mourning after five of their colleagues were shot and killed during a peaceful protest on Thursday.

Police officers are struggling with the deaths of five of their own. NPR’s Rachel Martin talks with chaplain Gary Holden, founder of the Police Chaplain Program, about ministering to law enforcement.

RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Many police departments have chaplains on staff or on call. They sometimes accompany police officers when they notify families of a death. They often work with young people in crisis. And yes, when something happens to one of their own, chaplains can provide a unique kind of support to police departments. Gary Holden is the founder of the Police Chaplain Program and joins us from his home in Vineland, N.J. Thanks so much for being with us this morning.

GARY HOLDEN: Thank you, Rachel. Great to be here.

MARTIN: You’ve done this work for a while now. I understand you’ve been a police chaplain for about 15 years.

HOLDEN: Yes, correct.

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