The manifesto is the latest in a recent string of racist incidents at the school. University officials said Tuesday that campus security would be ramped up.
After a years-long legal tussle over the property, Austrian officials said they'll be inviting architects to submit plans for the building's redesign.
A constable in suburban Indianapolis was fired after footage of him harassing two Black customers at a department store went viral.
Contrary to popular belief, it's not the day retailers are "in the black."
Liliana Segre, 89, who was sent to Auschwitz when she was 13, has said she receives about 200 anti-Semitic threats a day on social media.
The top cop, who served more than 30 years with the force, faced criticism after being found passed out in his car at a stop sign last month.
He faced backlash from the city’s largest police union over his decision to fire the officer who killed Eric Garner.
St. Louis County’s police chief is now facing calls to resign after the jury's award to Sgt. Keith Wildhaber in his discrimination suit.
President Donald Trump keeps boasting about a cop who claimed he could fix Chicago’s crime problem in a day. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says that person doesn’t exist.
“This is a hate-filled human being, but unfortunately one who possesses really alarming numbers of weapons,” said the city attorney.
And other behind-the-scenes secrets from cop Simon Drobik, who also stars in the "Breaking Bad" sequel.
The former Georgia police officer was found guilty of aggravated assault and violating his oath of office.
Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was standing near a bedroom window when the white Fort Worth police officer opened fire from outside.
Former Bordentown Township Police Chief Frank Nucera was the first law enforcement officer to face a federal hate crimes charge in at least a decade.
Civil rights groups say voters in a Georgia city will be intimidated from casting a ballot if they have to go to the police station to do so.
Dallas police said they have issued three capital murder arrest warrants in Brown's shooting death.
Joshua Brown, a key witness in the trial of ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, was shot dead on Friday.
Joshua Brown lived across from Botham Jean and provided a key witness account at Amber Guyger's trial in September.
Police said Tsang Chi-kin, 18, will be charged for attacking cops. Thousands have rallied in support of the teen and have called for police accountability.
The former Dallas police officer fatally shot the unarmed black man in his own apartment.