Child sexual abuse laws were intended to hold adults accountable, but as a Columbus case shows, minors have increasingly had the laws used against them.
The former police officer said she's been "haunted" for 364 days after the parked vehicle with the handcuffed woman was hit by a freight train.
Watch police try – and repeatedly fail – to catch the speedster.
A Seattle police union leader is being investigated for saying that the life of a young graduate student fatally hit by an officer had “limited value.”
"I am literally heartbroken. I feel like Lexi is one of my own kids,” Sheriff Matt Gentry of Cullman County, Alabama, said.
The now-viral video shows the uniformed officer appearing to kiss the woman before they both enter the backseat of his police cruiser.
Ta’Kiya Young, 21, was due to give birth in November, her family told The Columbus Dispatch.
A flyer circulating on Facebook advertised a drawing for a semi-automatic rifle to support victims of domestic violence.
Erin Smith, whose husband Jeffrey Smith died days after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the Capitol attack, long advocated for the recognition for herself and others.
A small central Kansas town now finds itself at the center of a debate over press freedoms.