Donald Trump's personal attorney said he thought he was being interviewed about the coronavirus.
Narcotics unit officers in Springfield, Massachusetts, likely engaged in a pattern or practice of excessive force, the Justice Department said.
"They don't deserve to wear a badge anymore," Aurora's interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said.
Jones and two other Aurora, Colorado, officers reportedly mocked the police killing of McClain, a Black man who was walking home last year.
The sisters of Sean Monterrosa, shot by police in Vallejo, and Erik Salgado, shot by law enforcement in Oakland, want the officers convicted in the June killings.
“Cop shows glorify police.” The widely popular TV crime genre that uses policing as entertainment has been taking a toll on Black and brown communities.
Two Buffalo police officers were seen on video shoving the 75-year-old to the ground, causing a fractured skull.
Lt. Michael Delong was caught on video insulting a woman who questioned the heavy police presence on a call.
Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. pleaded guilty Monday to 13 counts of murder and dozens of rapes that are too old to prosecute.
The move allows the city's law enforcement to be reimagined.