In an exclusive interview with HuffPost, a Muslim woman talks about the trauma she faced after police confiscated and photographed her without her hijab.
Officers in Liverpool, England, were tipped off about an illegal show at the Hot Water Comedy Club. But it was empty — and just streaming an old gig online.
Officers said the 24-year-old suspect appeared intoxicated and kept ranting about COVID-19.
Officials said the 60-year-old suspect pretended to be a cop in order to avoid paying a $2 bridge toll.
Video footage shows officers in Murcia ticking the man off for defying stringent self-isolation laws.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a viral video showed officers clearing out the popular nighttime spot.
The gunman opened fire at a gas station late Sunday.
The state executed Nathaniel Woods, 43, after unsuccessful appeals from supporters who said Woods was innocent.
India has been rocked by violence since Parliament approved a new law that excludes a fast-track path to citizenship for Muslim refugees.
The former “Empire” actor is accused of reporting a staged hate crime to police.
The former “Empire” actor is accused of reporting a staged hate crime to police.
Buttigieg wanted to revamp the city’s police manual. The company that did it has a reputation for protecting officers from liability.
A 28-year-old man died in the shooting at the Majestic Lounge in Hartford’s South End, police Lt. Paul Cicero said.
The threatening statement came after two officers were shot in separate targeted attacks in a span of 12 hours.
A district attorney has complained that he was not legally able to prosecute the officer.
The house where the attacks took place also caught fire. The blaze spread, destroying seven other homes.
Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant face felony charges stemming from the 2019 drug raid at a Houston home.
Matthew Dingley, 28, allegedly beat a flight attendant, tried to enter the cockpit and injured several police in a violent outburst Thursday.
The heart-pounding scene unfolded on the streets of Hollywood in November.