In April, police in Alameda, California, kneeled on Mario Gonzalez’s back for nearly five minutes before he died.
Mohamed Noor killed an unarmed woman who dialed 911 to report a potential rape happening nearby in 2017.
“I mean, like, these are the same people who sign up to swarm hostage situations or run into burning buildings."
McClain, 23, died in August 2019 after police threw him to the ground and put him in a now-banned chokehold.
The White House press secretary left a Fox News reporter speechless after he asked a question about COVID-19 vaccine mandates and police officers.
A controversial Pentagon program is fast-tracking shipments of surplus military gear to police departments that claim to be preparing for climate disasters. The consequences could be deadly.
The White House press secretary asked the Fox News reporter a question he couldn't answer.
The newly released clips reveal officers making racist remarks and celebrating as they shoot rubber bullets at protesters.
Brian Laundrie’s attorney revealed his parents waited longer to report their son missing than they previously told the police.
In a dissent, Justice Sotomayor said it was “undisputed” that the officer knew the man was suicidal and mentally ill, and knocked the overuse of qualified immunity.