Myanmar has been in chaos since the army seized power and detained elected government leader Aung San Suu Kyi earlier this month.
Police chief Yogananda Pittman submitted a statement to Congress, filling in crucial details of what went wrong during the attack on the Capitol.
Thomas Webster, 54, dubbed "eye gouger" on social media for his grip on the officer's face, attacked "like a junkyard dog" in the Capitol riot, a prosecutor said.
Baton Rouge officials said an investigation into the incident is underway and that they have not yet reached a decision concerning the officer’s actions.
State Attorney General Letitia James, whose office took over the prosecution and impaneled a grand jury, said “the criminal justice system is badly in need of reform.”
A 75-year-old peaceful demonstrator is suing the city of Buffalo, New York, after police were shown in a viral video shoving him to the ground in June 2020.
“They beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags," said Officer Harry Dunn. "They fought us. They had Confederate flags in the U.S. Capitol."
Patrolman Joseph Fischer, the feds say, charged at a police line at the U.S. Capitol and posted a video of it on Facebook.
A running car and a charcoal grill are believed to have been used indoors by families trying to stay warm amid widespread power outages.
At least 65 people were treated at hospitals, including three with critical injuries.