Police scholar and author Alex S. Vitale gives a thorough explainer on the history of police forces, how we got to this moment, and a radical reimagining of our future.
David McAtee is remembered as a warm, generous "community pillar" who would offer free meals to the police and those in need.
“Even if you eliminated the hardware…at this point, ‘military’ is the culture of policing.”
"We can only see the reality of America’s need by seeing it through the eyes of the threatened, oppressed, and disenfranchised," the 43rd president said.
In large Democratic-held cities, police unions are a powerful political force. That may be changing.
TV cameras caught officers tasing Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young after they filmed police activity.
Business owner David McAtee was shot and killed as police responded to a curfew violation in the Kentucky city.
Two young Black people were violently arrested in Atlanta as demonstrations sparked by George Floyd's death unfolded nationwide.
Robert O'Brien said he's "so proud” of the way police officers have handled the George Floyd protests "with restraint."
Videos of the incident were "upsetting," the mayor said, but he would not "blame officers who were trying to deal with an absolutely impossible situation."