Taylor Rogers said officers “tortured” her as her 9-year-old son watched during a 2021 arrest.
A civil rights attorney says deputies burst into the wrong unit and fatally shot a Black U.S. Air Force airman who was home alone.
Bobbie Adams claims in the lawsuit that a K-9 named VooDoo was ordered to attack and bite him.
The body camera footage shows police waiting about six minutes after Frank Tyson became unresponsive before starting CPR.
Inviting armed, militarized police on college campuses to disperse peaceful anti-war protesters and others has historically not ended well.
A South Carolina police officer is accused of killing a man who was trying to drive away after the two exchanged blows in a Chick-fil-A parking lot.
The six officers, who were previously sentenced for federal convictions, also pleaded guilty to state charges last year.
Gerald Goines is accused of falsifying information for a no-knock warrant that led to two people being fatally shot by officers.
Footage obtained by a California newspaper appears to show Savannah Graziano was following authorities' commands when she was killed.
Many social media users noted that Trump's support of law enforcement is inconsistent at best.