The White House really, really wants you to know they’re helping cities hire police officers.
The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a plan to allow the elimination of its police department. But what would dismantling law enforcement look like?
John Ramsey said wants DNA evidence that was never tested before to be transferred away from Boulder police to a different agency.
Ex-Officer Edsaul Mendoza knew Thomas "TJ" Siderio was unarmed when he shot him in the back from just feet away, District Attorney Larry Krasner said.
An independent autopsy confirmed what the Latino father’s family had declared: Police in Alameda, California, killed him, not meth. No officers were charged.
The union representing police officers in a Michigan city is defending the officer who shot Patrick Lyoya in the back of the head.
“This is testing America.” The trial of Derek Chauvin, who is charged in the murder and manslaughter of George Floyd, is confronting police accountablity in America.
The officers pumped bullets into the car the Black teenager was driving and then handcuffed him after he was mortally wounded.
Police in Syracuse, New York, forced a sobbing Black 8-year-old into the back of their car over a bag of stolen Doritos.
In April 2021, police in Alameda, California, knelt on the 26-year-old Latino father’s back for nearly four minutes until he died. None of the officers were charged.