"He was in full uniform with the mask and a gun. That’s voter intimidation,” said Miami-Dade Democratic Party chair Steve Simeonidis.
The Black woman was shot by white officers in her home in Louisville, Kentucky. None of the officers involved was charged in her death.
The Board of Supervisors' unanimous vote will let people sue those who call the police for discriminatory reasons.
A proposal offered by Rep. Katie Porter would encourage local governments to send mental health first responders instead of police to some 911 calls.
The hosts talk with Osai Ojigho about the importance of the African diaspora collectively taking a stand against police brutality worldwide.
Law enforcement groups in multiple states have put pressure on domestic violence organizations for standing against racism.
Reps for Chico Rodrigues have not yet commented on the cash allegedly found down his pants.
Kenneth Walker told CBS's Gayle King that he found out his girlfriend died in the police shooting when he watched the news while he was wrongly detained.
So much is at stake for our family whenever the police are called to our home.
Portsmouth, Virginia, police can't subpoena city prosecutor Stephanie Morales in questionable felony cases and thereby remove her from the matter.