The minutes-long assault of producer Michel Zecler was recorded on a security camera and has been widely circulated on social media.
Grassroots organizing by groups like Black Lives Matter delivered criminal justice reform victories in America’s most populous county.
Brett Hankison, who faces low-level charges related to Taylor’s death, has been accused of using “his uniform and badge” to target women.
Police arrested two armed men after receiving a tip they were headed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where city workers are counting mail-in ballots.
Philadelphia officials pleaded for calm before releasing the body camera footage.
An attorney for the reelection campaign made the request for ex-officers to work shifts in what he called a "problem" area. The state pushes back with a warning.
Walter Wallace Jr. was shot to death by police after his family reportedly called for an ambulance to get him help with a mental health crisis.
Two anonymous jurors spoke to CBS's Gayle King about the hurdles in deliberating the case over the Louisville police killing of the 26-year-old Black woman.
“They’re not helping my family, they’re showing disrespect,” Wallace Sr. said. His son, who shared his name, was shot dead by officers on Monday.
The Democratic presidential candidate and vice presidential nominee mourned the death of Walter Wallace Jr., “another Black life in America lost.”