Travis Moya said he was left "disfigured" and traumatized by the 2021 encounter with Michael Esposito in Georgia.
San Francisco's DA says prosecutors are having trouble with defendants who claim to be victims of human trafficking, but it’s hard to find many instances where that's happened.
Local community members have criticized the use of force against the 95-pound woman in New South Wales.
President Joe Biden vetoed the effort on Thursday, the third anniversary of George Floyd's death.
Brianna Grier's family alleges that police "caused injury to her head and brain and ultimately caused her death."
The child's mother said she had asked him to call 911 for help but that a policeman arrived at their Mississippi home with his firearm already drawn.
Caitlin Taylor is suing the Sylvania Township Police in Ohio after two officers allegedly pulled a gun on her and slammed her on the ground, causing injuries.
An Iowa police officer hopped on the vehicle's hood and pointed his gun at the man before a dramatic pursuit in 2021.
A motive for the shooting wasn't immediately known and no suspects have been arrested.
A prosecutor determined the "tragic loss" of 13-year-old Jacqueline "Laney" Hudson was a "direct result" of her own behavior under the effects of alcohol.