It's "like the world stops," police officer Jason Burba said of trying to recover a missing child. "Every second feels like hours."
Knoxville Police Officer Tanner Holt was off duty at a wedding reception when he was knocked unconscious after the alleged remarks.
Anthony Campo was fired as the police chief of Sheffield Lake, Ohio, after he placed a sign reading "Ku Klux Klan" on the desk of a Black officer.
The case the justices decided Wednesday is important both to law enforcement and to groups concerned about privacy.
The Senate -- which initially refused to pass such a measure -- is expected to approve a similar bill. The Gold Medal is the highest congressional honor.
Nicole Harper was pregnant at the time, and had slowed down and turned on her hazard lights.
Brown, a Black man, was killed by police in North Carolina as he tried to flee in his vehicle. No officers faced charges for the killing.
Two members of a U.S. Marshals task force fatally shot Winston Boogie Smith Jr. while he was inside a parked vehicle, authorities said.
The legislation both a near-unanimous vote in both chambers, making the state one step away from banning the practice that contributes to false confessions.
Giovanni Loyola, 26, claims in a federal lawsuit that a deputy ignored pleas for his handcuffs to be loosened, resulting in the eventual loss of his left hand.