Four of five former Memphis officers charged in the killing of Tyre Nichols can no longer work as law enforcement in Tennessee.
An investigation by The Texas Tribune found that police didn't respond sooner to the Robb Elementary shooting because they were scared of the gunman's rifle.
Seven deputies pinned Irvo Otieno to the floor of a mental institution while he was shackled and handcuffed, prosecutors and the family's attorneys say.
An independent autopsy showed Manuel Terán's hands were raised at the time of the January shooting, the attorneys stated.
Miles Bryant is charged with concealing a death and filing a false report in relation to the death of Susana Morales.
Monterrious Harris, 22, said the same five officers unlawfully roughed up and arrested him on false charges only three days before Nichols' fatal traffic stop.
The child's father filed a federal lawsuit alleging "unreasonable and unlawful use of force" following last year's incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
From the formation of America to the killing of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police, Black bodies have never been safe.
Both women said they didn’t find out what the officers had done to Nichols until later. “There were failures,” said Memphis Police Director Cereyln “CJ” Davis.
Weeks passed after his beating death in Memphis, Tennessee, but then attention — and accountability — finally came.