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How To Clean A Burger Stain From Your Precious White Shirt

In the eternal battle between burger and shirt, who will win?
Don't do this.
Don't do this.

Things that will inevitably happen to you this year: You will get pit stains, you will need to change your socks and you can bet you'll stain your shirt a time or two.

These are all fixable, especially the stain. And if the stain happens to come from a greasy burger (the best kind of burgers), fear not. GQ is here to save that shirt from the waste bin. In the below video, the editors show how easy it is to remove the stain before it sets.

Why does grease stain in the first place? The oils in grease repel water and stick to the fibers, so you'll need a good grease-cutting dish detergent to break up those molecules.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, all cleaning can be broken into three types of energy, and you'll need all three in order to get that grease stain out:

  1. Chemical energy from the soap or detergent;
  2. Thermal energy from hot water;
  3. Physical energy from your hands or a washing machine

GQ's method has all three. Learn the steps in the video above. Now go get your burger on.

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