'How To Get Girls To Kiss You' Video Looks An Awful Lot Like Sexual Assault

It's rare that we can't make it through a three-minute video because it's so utterly upsetting, but that was the case when The Jane Dough tipped us off to this video titled "How to get girls to kiss you."

Uploaded by the YouTube user VITALYZDTV -- description: "Russian Dude With A Camera and Some Wonderful Ideas" -- the video basically consists of said "Russian dude" sexually harassing a series random women in his quest to get them to kiss him. He approaches each woman and asks if he can ask them three questions before asking:

"Do you think I'm attractive?
Do you have a boyfriend?
What is your excuse not to kiss me right now?"

And then -- entirely ignoring their response to the questions -- he kisses them. Their reactions range from kissing him back to shock to attempting to push him away.

And then -- if you thought he couldn't possibly get any more repulsive -- when one woman tells him he is a good kisser, he responds: "That's what my sister told me last night."


As Colette McIntyre at The Jane Dough put it: "Unwanted sexual attention is unwanted sexual attention, not confident men going "for whatever they desire"... These women were violated and it’s deeply troubling that not everyone sees that."

Yes, it is.



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