How to get in contact with gurus?

How to get in contact with gurus?
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This is something that Jeff Walker teaches in a really great way in his Product Launch Formula and I share some of his ideas and also what I think about that topic.

1. Promote their products.

It is always the question about what YOU can do for him. It is not so much about what you get from the guru. Try to give back and invest your own time and effort to their products. Many people think that gurus are just sitting around and waiting for great deals and promo partner`s but the reality looks different. Gurus are constantly improving their products and also their business. So try to add value to their products, give suggestions or experiences. Share your own experience with their product. For example: Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker is in my opinion one of the world`s greatest marketing tools that you can buy at the moment. The basic idea is find out what your customer`s want through a survey (f.e. and then create what your customer wants. That`s the basic idea of Product Launch Formula. I give my best also to share my experience with other people so that also they can share their message with more people.

2. Repost their posts.

Gurus are also highly active on social media and their goal is to reach more people with their message. So when you have somebody who is an influencer in your field than repost their social media posts. If you only have 50 subscribers and 50 follower on Twitter that doesn`t matter. It is more important that you start to do it and it will grow steadily. Just give some effort in it and try to improve it.

3. Go to their conferences.

Many guru`s also have their own conference and one of the main issues for them is to fill the conference hall. That sounds obvious but for many people it is not so clear. Often times it is very hard to fill conferences because people must go themselves and that does mean they must spend time and money to go there. So if you go to the conference and also bring some people with you, the more the better, then this will be appreciated by your guru - believe me. If you come with a group this will automatically boost your credibility.

When you`re on the conference of the guru and you promoted their product`s in the past several times and reposted their posts over a period of time then they will remember your effort and honor it also. Is that not a great start for a conversation?

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