Tracee Stanley

Photo by Lesa Amoore

Tracee Stanley has developed an innovative practice to help people gain clarity, inspiration, and positive momentum in their lives. Tracee's "Empowered Life Activation Kit" includes 72 inquiry cards and 6 guided meditations that lead people on journeys to gain new insights into old problems and help propel them beyond old patterns.

I asked Tracee what she meant by an "empowered life" and she told me, "An empowered life is having clarity about your life, being inspired to share your unique gifts that with the world, and having the self-understanding to know what the best ways are for you to move your life forward.

People randomly choose a card, then do one of her short guided meditations, and then journal for ten minutes about the answer to the card's question and any insights they might have.

Also, for those who are new to meditation, Tracee includes deep relaxation meditations that can be practiced lying down.

My two favorite mediations were the "nidras," which Tracee explained to me as follows: "Nidras are systematic deep relaxation techniques practiced lying down that are like sleep with a slight trace of awareness, you feel as though you are floating between the realm of sleeping and dreaming and this is a powerful place to set intentions."

Recent studies have extensively researched and tested the efficacy of Yoga nidra and have found that they reduce PTSD, depression, and anxiety in veterans.

Tracee created the Empowered Life cards after being inspired on New Year's Retreat with her teacher Rod Stryker, who is the author of "The Four Desires" as well as one of my favorite teachers.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist and Counselor the laws are extremely clear about the scope of my practice, which is primarily limited to relationship and career issues and the resultant mood disorders. There is a whole world of "soul" and spiritual issues that I cannot legally treat, such as "sankalpas" and "sadhanas." For those issues I recommend Tracee and her Empowered Life Activation Kit.

On numerous occasions I have invited Tracee to teach yoga nidra at Esalen and all of the students were totally blown away by her work. For a sample meditation, please visit Tracee's Soundcloud page.

Tracee Stanley is on a mission to share meditation and self-empowerment with as many people as possible and with the Empowered Life Activation Kit she has found an easily accessible and fun way to do it. You can find the cards at and below are some of my personal favorites:

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