How Well Do You Know The Trickster, Gemini?

Detail of Astronomical Clock Prague Town Hall
Detail of Astronomical Clock Prague Town Hall

Before we leave Gemini, check out your knowledge of this charming, changeable, delightful Gemini freind or lover.

1. The sign, Gemini, is considered
Check all that apply
a. yin
b. yang
c. Neutral
d. Masculine

2. Which is the most likely auspicious beginning of a relationship with Gemini?

a. lots of texting/sexting
b. wordless sexy glances
c. emotional conversation
d. practical jokes

3. Which characteristic, sexually speaking, is the most likely to keep Gemini interested?

a. consistency
b. experimentation
c. commitment
d. titillation

4. What is an absolute requirement for a good relationship with Gemini?
a. good conversation
b. gentle touching
c. new ideas
d. spontaneity

5. If you were stranded on a desert island with Gemini, he would.
a. invent a story until help arrived
b. find friendly inhabitants and get help
c. sail away and bring back help
d. yell until he had an idea


6. The part of the body Gemini men are most attracted to is
a. Lips
b. Butt
c. Legs
d. Hair

7. Gemini's symbol, the Twins, means in sex and romance they are?
a. two faced
b. changeable
c. bi-sexual
d. self-centered

8. Gemini's element is
a. air
b. fire
c. water
d. earth

9. What characteristic is a certain turn off for Gemini
a. boring
b. greedy
c. lazy
d. lying

10. What word describes Gemini's sexual tempo?
a. rhythmic
b. fast
c. scattered
d. slow

Answers: 1.b,c,d 2 a; 3 b; 4 a; 5 a; 6 a; 7 b; 8 a; 9 a; 10 c