18 Hilarious Tweets About The Epic Battle Between Hair And Humidity

"Can humidity just like NOT be a thing for a sec my hair needs a breather."

Humidity is the bane of almost everyone’s summer. Not only does it make us sticky, sweaty messes, it also ruins any hope of a good hair day.

Seriously, it seems that no matter how much hairspray or product you put in your hair in an attempt to keep frizz and flyaways at bay, humidity always wins. As celebrity hairstylist Arsen Gurgov told HuffPost earlier this year, dry hair plus humid weather is “the perfect recipe for frizz.”

If only we were as confident with our swollen hair as Ilana on “Broad City”:

We’re not the only ones who hate humidity. Here’s what the people of Twitter ― Ryan Reynolds included ― have to say about it:

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