I Lost My Mojo Last Week


In a world where everyone looks extremely perfect on social media with thriving careers, businesses, marriages, children, and extravagant family vacations, I will admit, it's quite humbling to write a post entitled, "I lost my mojo last week!" However, truth is more important than perfection to me, because I honestly did lose it. I often scroll through my timelines and say to myself maybe its just me that's having a bad day (or in this case week) but I know that it's the farthest thing from the truth.

Now don't get me wrong, no one likes a negative Nancy, but I absolutely LOVE transparency over perfection any day! So here goes mine, along with some of the steps I took to get out of it.

After a week of one too many announcements from friends about MAJOR life dilemmas (I believe there were at least 5 in less than 7 days), anticipating the 8th anniversary of my dads passing on Valentines Day, and dealing with a couple of personal issues of my own, I felt the steady build of a downward spiral happening fast. Last time I checked, I had absolutely no time for this! And while I couldn't seem to stop it, accepting it and staying there were not options either.

So here a few things that helped me to either cope in the midst of it as well as helped me to get out of it:

Be transparent with yourself and others

I know know, you don't want to bother anyone, right? Or you can't let anyone know that you are feeling the way that you do, correct? I totally get it and have to fight my way against those thoughts and that level of isolation at times as well. I inspire, teach, and change lives for a living, so accepting and dealing with my own lows can be quite difficult because I'm supposed to have an S on my chest, right....WRONG! There is no way that you or I can lead effectively that way. It's simply not possible for us to do our best work, be the most creative, and serve others how we desire by keeping everything in. Something will be at stake and its either the work, ourselves, or others. Who do you need to be transparent with this week? Is it your coach? Your mentor? Your spouse? A close friend? Pick one of the above to get the perspective and inspiration you need to keep going.

Find the balance between rest and movement
People tend veer towards either extreme with this second point. We either stop everything and give a whole new meaning to the word "rest" or we don't stop at all in order to not deal with our thoughts and feelings, however, balance is the key between the two. For me, its the movement piece that I struggle with, or should I say getting up and getting going when life has knocked the wind out of my sails. I had things on my calendar for Saturday but somewhere in my head convincing myself to stay in my pjs all day sounded soooo enticing! However, I KNEW that showing up would be great for my spirit, so I did. The question is, will you? It's okay to take a break, just try not to take one when you're actually supposed to be up and moving.

Find something that absolutely motivates you

For me, it's my faith and prayer. For others it may be their favorite motivational speaker, their favorite movie, or favorite past time. The key here is doing it, watching it, going to it, or participating in it. I came across this AMAZING video yesterday, by my pastor Steven Furtick, that I plan to watch at least 50 more times. It totally encouraged me as I hope it does you and was absolutely the most powerful 4 minutes that I needed to create a shift in my entire day...I hope you enjoy.

Lastly, Remember your vision

There is not too much I'll say here except to do just that, remember your VISION. Remember that your dream is not too hard. Remember that this day, this week, and this season will not last forever, and remember that you were created to do more than just settle where you are in life and simply exist. There IS something greater ahead!

Whether you clicked on this post to find out exactly what mojo I lost last week or because you could truly relate to losing yours too at some point, I hope this post encouraged you.