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I Lost Weight: Sherrisse-Lee Lewis Slowed Down To Make Healthy Choices And Lost 60 Pounds

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Name: Sherrisse-Lee Lewis
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Before Weight: 200 pounds

How I Gained It: After a rocky three-year relationship, I found myself hitting a breaking point of 200 pounds. Then, I got pregnant with my now-2-year-old son, Gabriel, and ended up single.

Breakfast was coffee with tons of sugar just to wake me up and get me by. I was always in a rush to get back to work, so I ordered lunch from fast food places or the nearest Chinese spot. After a long day, when I got home, making dinner was almost like a nightmare. You just get used to ordering in or throwing some frozen food into the oven. I would often eat at 4 a.m. when my fiancé got back from work. I snacked on things that felt comforting.

Breaking Point: After having my son and looking at myself in the mirror, I decided I just didn't want to look like your everyday mom. I knew that if I was going to be chasing a toddler around I would need to keep myself healthy and have the energy for it.

How I Lost It: Three months on maternity leave is what made me realize I can slow down and make healthy food choices. After I was cleared from my C-section, I began to run. I started October 17, 2011 and by July 17 had completed what I once thought to myself was impossible. It took me nine months to lose three years of weight. I went from a size 14 dress to an 8. I ran every day after work with my son in the stroller and on weekends I ran at 5 a.m. I ate salads or soup for lunch everyday and had chicken or fish for dinner. I didn't give up food!

I did squats and used Gabriel as a "baby weight." I would rock him to sleep in the stroller during naptime and did lunges while pushing the handle. By the end of that summer, I had lost 60 pounds. I was weighing in at a healthy 140 and never looked so good. I didn't even care about my stretch marks. I was in love with this new body, new face, new me. I'm maintaining and can run an easy four miles. I just love running! I recently tried on my first bikini, and I never thought it was possible to be a mom and to feel sexy as a woman!

After Weight: 140 pounds
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