The Ice Cream Flavors Each Of The 50 States Wants Right Now

Google shared insights into Americans' frozen treat preferences ahead of National Ice Cream Day.

We all scream for ice cream ― but apparently people in different states scream for very different flavors.

Sunday marks National Ice Cream Day, and to mark the occasion, Google released some interesting search trends data about the beloved frozen treat. The tech company compiled a list of the most uniquely searched ice cream flavors over the past week in every U.S. state and the District of Columbia (meaning, flavors that were more searched in each relative to searches in the nation overall).

Unsurprisingly, peach ice cream is the most top pick in Georgia, the Peach State, but it also took the No. 1 spot in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Vanilla is a popular (if, by definition, unexciting) choice. People in Oregon, Utah and Washington crave spumoni, and the folks in California and Hawaii are all about boba ice cream.

Keep scrolling for the breakdown of each locale’s most uniquely searched ice cream flavors

Alabama ― Peach

Alaska ― Peach

Arizona ― Bubble Gum

Arkansas ― Peach

California ― Boba

Colorado ― Vanilla

Connecticut ― Peaches and Cream

Delaware ― Blueberry

D.C. ― Butter Pecan

Florida ― Mango

Georgia ― Peach

Hawaii ― Boba

Idaho ― Vegan Cherry

Illinois ― Blue Moon

Indiana ― Peach

Iowa ― Rocky Road

Kansas ― Chocolate

Kentucky ― Peach

Louisiana ― Vanilla

Maine ― Strawberry

Maryland ― Banana

Massachusetts ― Cookie Monster

Michigan ― Blue Moon

Minnesota ― Cookie Monster

Mississippi ― Vanilla

Missouri ― Vanilla

Montana ― Huckleberry

Nebraska ― Vanilla

Nevada ― Strawberry Shortcake

New Hampshire ― Black Raspberry

New Jersey ― Mint Chocolate Chip

New Mexico ― Vanilla

New York ― Black Raspberry

North Carolina ― Peach

North Dakota ― Coconut Milk

Ohio ― Blue Moon

Oklahoma ― Neapolitan

Oregon ― Spumoni

Pennsylvania ― Milky Way

Rhode Island ― Neapolitan

South Carolina ― Peach

South Dakota ― Butter Brickle

Tennessee ― Vanilla

Texas ― Vanilla

Utah ― Spumoni

Vermont ― Chocolate

Virginia ― Peach

Washington ― Spumoni

West Virginia ― Rocky Road

Wisconsin ― Blue Moon

Wyoming ― Vanilla

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