Icy Roads Supercut Videos Show Why Some Days You Should Just Stay Home

There's a lot of slipping, sliding, crashing and even sinking going on.

A major storm system is hitting the northeast this week and videos from the scene show motorists already struggling on icy roads ― offering a good reminder to take it easy behind the wheel. Or better yet, stay home if you can when the roads are bad.

Two motorists in Boston set the scene for local CBS station WBZ:

In Connecticut, the Stamford Advocate reported that a pickup truck driver allegedly doing “doughnuts” in a snowy parking lot lost control and went into a nearby harbor, where he had to be rescued by firefighters:

Another clip highlighted by digg shows a literal uphill battle in New York:

And in New Jersey, state police on Monday night said they had responded to 661 motor vehicle crashes and more than 1,000 calls from motorists in need of help due to the storm.

AAA has some tips for driving in winter conditions. Otherwise, you could end up like the motorists in a new supercut video from icy roads around the world compiled by YouTuber King of Road:

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