If the Shoe Fits Buy It! ...If It Doesn't Fit, Should You Buy It?

Buying comfortable shoes that are your size, "hot", and fit like a glove is not an easy task. There is always a trade off, but if the shoe fits,!
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Ladies, when buying shoes make sure they fit comfortably and are the correct size. Do not get blinded because it is a "hot looking shoe and I have to have it", even though it is a little too tight, small or uncomfortable for your foot. By trying to stuff your foot in a shoe that does not fit properly you can trigger all sorts of problems.

Shoes can be the culprit to many of your foot woes by being too tight or to wide. A tightly fitting or narrow shoe can aggravate an already existing foot problem that you had but did not bother you prior to wearing that shoe, such as a bunion, hammer toe or neuroma. Narrow shoes can irritate bunions causing joint pain. Neuroma's can develop if the shoe is to narrow and pinch the nerves in the front part of the foot. If your shoes are to narrow your feet can develop blisters, or corns on the tops of your toes because of shoe friction. When the tops of your toes rub against the front tip of the shoe the skin on the toes can get irritated.

Foot problems can also occur while wearing flat shoes or shoes that are too wide because they do not properly support the arch of your foot. The lack of arch support in a shoe can cause arch cramps (muscle spasms) and foot fatigue. If your shoes are a little too wide it could cause your toes to curl and can trigger other postural problems. When toes curl during walking it is usually an indication of another underlying foot problem. The most likely cause is abnormal foot pronation which is collapsing of the arch of your foot. So, if your shoes are a little wide and you have an unstable or flat foot your toes will curl to try and grab the ground. This is how your body stabilizes itself and allows you to walk without difficulty.

A simple solution to making your shoes more comfortable could be as easy as having an orthotic made by a foot specialist to help balance the bones, joints and muscles in your feet. Alternatively, there are some over the counter foot products available that could also be helpful.

Over the years shoes have become an initiator of all kinds of foot related problems, I have had many patients tell me, "I think my problem started with those new pair of shoes I just bought" or "it must have been the pair of shoes I wore last night when I went out dancing and they were a little loose on me". I have even heard "it was that pair of shoes in my closet that seemed a little tight but they went with the clothes I was wearing at the time.

Buying comfortable shoes that are your size, "hot", and fit like a glove is not an easy task. There is always a trade off, but if the shoe fits, BUY IT!

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