If You Fall For The Girl Who Travels

She’d rather catch a flight than chase a man who doesn’t value her.
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So you’ve already met the girl who travels You’ve been dating for months now. You adore her and you want to keep her. But sometimes, she confuses you, annoys you even. You’ve been warned – she’s independent and often fickle. One moment she makes you feel needed… unwanted, the next. What did you miss?

She loves being herself.

Her travels have taught her to stop giving a fuck. She can laugh like a hyena, cry like a whale, and sneeze like a panda without feeling embarrassed. She speaks what’s on her mind, even if it’s the craziest idea you’ve ever heard. She can pull off a pair of ripped jeans on a dinner date while the girl on the next table is pretty kept in a dress. She will never strut like there’s a runway underneath her just to gain your approval.

She’s confident.

She won’t compare herself with your ex or girl friend at work. She’s sure of her unique traits that other girls don’t have. She can only hope that you are seeing her worth. Don’t compare her to any other girl, ever. She is incomparable.

She knows what she wants.

She’s used to making her own choices. After all, traveling alone the first time was her own choosing. She knows what will make her happy. When her decision turns out to be a mistake, she won’t have regrets. She will only learn from it.

She craves freedom.

If you let her travel alone, she’ll regret not having you beside her. She will miss you, but she’ll forget about you once she soaks up all the delight of being on her own. She needs space occasionally as much as you do.

She’s in control.

She can give you her time, her money, her body but she cannot give you her power. At first, she’ll try to yield. But when she realizes she’s given enough, she’ll begin to question if she gets less than she deserves. But...

She loves being in a relationship as much as she loves being single.

She loves sharing with you, her adventures. She enjoys your company as much as she revels in her solitude. Like any other girl, she longs to love and be loved. She still believes in happy endings. She may be slow to admit it, but she’s the best version of herself when she’s in a relationship with the right person. Be that person.

She loves deeply.

She’s a hopeless romantic but may not show it. She’s often mistaken as cold-hearted and cautious, but when she sees your loyalty and candor, she will give in. She’d be the one to break down the wall. Eventually, she will give her all to make you feel loved. Be patient.

She doesn’t cling to a man.

If you choose someone over her, she will not go after you. She’d rather catch a flight than chase a man who doesn’t value her. She doesn’t believe in rebound relationships. She knows how to make use of her time while waiting for the right man.

She’s tough.

If you hurt her, she’ll forgive you. If you do it again, she’ll let it slip. But you won’t get your third chance. If you leave her, she will grieve her loss but not for long. She’ll get over it and move on.

A girl who travels loves herself. Don’t take it away from her. She can only love you when she has more love to give. What she’s deprived of, she cannot bestow. So if you want to keep her, don’t leave her. Instead, accept her imperfections. For with you, her journey isn’t just about booked flights and road trips anymore. It’s a journey to “happily ever after.” There will be bumps in the road but if you keep walking through it together, it will be the greatest journey you’ll ever take.

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