In the Heart of the Sea

"How does one come to know the unknowable?"

The above quote that begins Ron Howard's latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, also begins my conversation with him on this week's Between the Lines.

Ron is one of the most beloved and talented directors. From his powerful films like Apollo 13 to his academy award winning masterpiece A Beautiful Mind, he has delighted audiences world-wide with his deft touch of combining heart, soul, narrative and action into a seamless portrait that touches us on a visceral level.

In the Heart of the Sea he does it again. Our discussion revolves around the philosophical, emotional and sociological underpinnings that drive the film and its characters.

At its core it is a story of survival, but it is layered with questions ranging from what is moral to what is courage while also delving into the malleability of the human heart and spirit.

The film is primarily based on Nathan Philbrick's award winning book, by the same name, about the true story of the tragic sinking of the whaling ship the Essex. Ron adds additional source material and weaves in the story of Herman Melville who wrote the fictional version of the event Moby Dick.

Enjoy the conversation with one of Hollywood's true gentlemen and iconic directors and then treat yourself to an immersive film experience.