'Intervention': Woman Gets Her Drugs From Her Brother (VIDEO)

There's nothing like the bond of siblings, but one mother watched it get perverted into something terrible and tragic on "Intervention." Kelly was a 27-year-old mother of three who used OxyContin and meth multiple times a day. But it's where she gets her drugs that proved the ultimate tragedy for this mother.

Kelly's brother, Kevin, is her supplier. "To fund his habit, Kevin is hurting his sister," their mother said. She recalled when they had a tight sibling bond, but now they're just causing one another pain.

"If we talk any time throughout the day, it’s gonna be about drugs," Kevin said of his relationship with his sister.

Kelly was able to see what drugs were doing to them, but was helpless to stop the cycle. "[Using is] the one thing that brings us really close together," she said. "And it’s the one thing that completely tears us apart.”

Luckily, Kevin and Kelly both accepted treatment, and now share the same sobriety date: May 29, 2012. That's a much better sibling bond to bring them together.

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