iPhone Captures Guitar Strings Oscillating With Rolling Shutter Effect (VIDEO)

Here's one for the list of impressive iPhone features.

In this very cool viral video, posted to YouTube earlier this week, one tech-savvy musician captures the oscillations of his guitar strings from inside the instrument using a few camera lighting tricks and an iPhone 4.

There's actually more to it than just dropping your phone in the guitar.

The effect seen in the video is called rolling shutter. Reminiscent of a strobe light, the rolling shutter effect does not capture all elements of an image at exactly the same time, but portrays each frame in its entirety during playback.

It's the same effect that explains this seemingly nonsensical footage of airplane propellers flying off the actual propeller and disintegrating in thin air.

Also, notice that after embedding the iPhone in the instrument, the guitarist goes outside for the actual demonstration. That's because, as he explains in the video description, backlighting is critical to capturing the effect, which you might observe "fades when the buildings come into view."

There's a lengthy discussion of the video over at the Internet message board Reddit.

By the way, the opening lick is "Tears in Heaven," so here's to hoping Eric Clapton posts a similar video using his phone.

Scroll up to WATCH the amazing guitar video.