How #IStandWithJon Highlighted Masculinity That's Not So Fragile

This morning, my friend started a worldwide conversation... over whether or not he could use a Snapchat filter.

In a matter of minutes, his friends blew up his newsfeed, snaps, and inbox to joke with him. Jon is a straight male, and masculinity comes with a weird set of complex rules. It prompted me to respond:

When you challenge masculinity, people get nervous. There are rules that Jon has to follow in order to "protect" and "affirm" his masculinity, that border on absurd. Does it matter what Snapchat filter he uses? Does he really need special kleenex or Q-Tips? I don't think so.

This process of questioning masculine norms and attacking folks who subvert them has caused some men to be overly aggressive, prohibited them from asking for help when they needed it, and serves as a cause for violence against women and queer folks.

Thankfully, Jon isn't one to take things easily and so he asked for folks to support him.

People responded en masse... because lots of people think it's silly that gender is so policed.

Thank goodness that it was a beautiful day in Cambridge, and we were able to celebrate with Jon.

Hat tip to @BienSur_JeTaime for the title help!