It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Bullshit

Tom Delay's one-time aide, the now-indicted Michael Scanlon, described the tactic as a way to fire up the "Christian wackos" to trick them into voting for Republicans.ORIncidentally, no mention is given that "America is a Christian nation" in either the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence declaring America's nationhood.
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O'Reilly Trumps Up Phony 'XMas War' With Year Old 'Daily Show' Clip!

ALSO: Jewish 'Fox News Consultant' Masquerades as Christmas Saving Crusader by calling America 'A Christian Nation' as 'Reported' by Phony GOP 'News' Outlets

On the Friday edition of The O'Reilly Factor's "Talking Points Memo" segment, self-proclaimed satirical journalist/host Bill O'Reilly used a year-old clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show in an attempt to make it look as though "Secular Central" (as he referred to them) were out to get Christmas!

The latest chapter in O'Reilly's phony "War on Christmas" or whatever the hell he calls his sad cry for attention -- and/or swell reason to avoid reporting on actual news -- provides more ammunition to the argument that the Fox "News" Channel's #1 personality continues his bizarre slide into bonkerhood/irrelevancy.

Previously, the so-called "Christian" Right had decried the commercialization of Christmas, but having apparently found that tactic not as politically adventageous as they might might have liked, have this year declared "war" on whatever retail outlets don't remind shoppers of their latest reason for the season: The Commercialization of Jesus Christ as a Weapon in a Self-Induced Paranoia-laden Phony Culture War (or, as Tom Delay's one-time aide, the now-indicted Michael Scanlon described it via email: a way to fire up the "Christian wackos" to trick them into voting for Republicans).

O'Reilly introduced a video clip from The Daily Showduring Friday's "Talking Points Segment" by saying "Predictably, the opponents of public displays of Christmas continue to put forth counter arguments." He then referred to Comedy Central as "Secular Central."

Trouble is, the clip appears to be from last year's Daily Show as evidenced by a) We watched every episode this week and didn't see the clip O'Reilly played, b) Daily Show "correspondent" Samantha Bee is standing in front of a 2004 calendar and c) Bee is currently quite noticably pregnant...which she is noticabaly NOT in the clip O'Reilly used.

In related news, O'Reilly and the other GOP shamelessly opportunistic Political Paranoia Peddlers featured stories about the Jewish Rightwing wackos who are also jumping on the Chutzpa Wagon to publicize their own mock outrage about this non-issue.

Former Boston Herald editorial writer and O'Reilly Factor guest Don Feder, tossed his tallis into the hat to try and help trump up O'Reilly's phony pet-project du jour by giving statements to the Cybercast News Service (CNS) on Friday. The statements were given by Feder to CNS -- a Republican propaganda organization created by GOP operative Brent Bozell and edited by Scott Hogenson, a long time director of operations in the RNC Press Office -- under the guise of heading up a Jewish group claiming to be supporting the effort to "save Christmas." In one of his statements, Feder, who is apparently Jewish, is quoted by CNS as stating that "America is a Christian nation."

Feder, a hard-right political consultant, bomb-thrower and smear-merchant (the kind O'Reilly pretends to not like) and the President of a group calling itself "Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation" (JAACD) goes on to inflate his and O'Reilly's own strawman "war" by saying "we think it's good for Christians to be able to celebrate their holiday." As if any American had ever suggested otherwise.

The JAACD, which announced their mission to "Wage Web Warfare Against The Liberal Establishment" on its website, was formed last April. Jewish comedian Jackie Mason, who is also on the board of JAACD, was provided to O'Reilly's show as a guest on Friday. One of the other Republican propaganda "news" services, ran a similar article in lockstep with their comrades at CNS on that same day. No mention was given in either article about Feder's relationship with O'Reilly.

Incidentally, no mention is given that "America is a Christian nation" in either the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence declaring America's nationhood.

CNS, NewsMax and O'Reilly have similarly forgotten to mention that as their shameless anti-American crusade for the hearts and minds -- and votes -- of the Rightwing Christian "wackos" continues.

(ADDENDUM: For those unfamiliar with all of this nonsense, see Bob Cesca's hilarious piece at HuffPo which also discusses Crooks & Liars discovery of O'Reilly's own Fox store offering "Holiday Ornaments" for your "Holiday Tree". Since John Amato reported that at C&L, by the way, Fox's store has been ethnically cleansed of the offensive balls, which several of their shows had offered, in favor of biblically accurate
"Christmas" balls instead.)

UPDATE: Judging a man by the company he keeps... More on the
hate-mongering, possibly psychopathic and self-discrediting Don Feder...

In just one recent article of his Ghengis Don -- as the cartoon on his own website's "About Me" page refers to him -- manages to completely out himself as either a liar, a cretin or just plain ignorant by pounding out this oft-repeated (and easily discredited) canard from the Wingnut Right:

Before she ascended to the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (the left's favorite justice) declared there was a constitutional right to prostitution and polygamy, and the age of consent should be lowered to 12

Of course, she did nothing of the kind and Feder's irresponsible hate-mongering is easily debunked had he had any interest in trying to do so. So you see what kind of person we're dealing with, and the type of go-to guy that Mr. No Spin is hanging with...despite his mock anger at "Internet bomb-throwers" and "smear merchants." It's only the ones of the Left that apparently bother O'Reilly.

In the same piece of irresonsible hate-mongering, Feder goes on to blather:

Liberals stoutly maintain that...adults have a right to have sex with adolescents.

The left wants your children. It's committed to liberating them from parental authority and Judeo-Christian morality--to build a world that very much resembles a Roman orgy or, worse, San Francisco.

And then finishes it off by a -- no-doubt "satirical" --suggesting that judges who don't offer decisions Feder agrees with should be impaled:

The courts are determined to abolish the family. Citizens who haven't been neutered should be marching on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, with flaming brands in hand, carrying tar and feathers.

At a conference on judicial tyranny, a gentleman was heard to remark: "Most of these people just want to impeach judges. I want to impale them!" Where's Vlad Tepes when you really need him?

Jesus would be proud of the company you keep, Mr. O'Reilly! Happy Chanukah!

LATE UPDATE: Additional information on The Daily Show who is reported to be planning a piece to run Wednesday night in response to O'Reilly use of their year-old clip is posted here.

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