Jeffrey Holmes Had Sex With Women In Exchange For Not Arresting Them, Prosecutors Say

A Missouri policeman is accused of having sex with two women in exchange for not arresting them.

Officer Jeffrey Holmes, 47, allegedly visited a motel in March to meet with a prostitute he found online, according to KCTV. The woman, identified as "CC," told investigators that once the pair reached the room, Holmes, who was wearing his police unfiorm told her she was "busted for prostitution" and attempted to handcuff her.

CC, thinking Holmes was a security guard, called the front desk for help. When the clerk arrived, however, Holmes simply told him that he was arresting a prostitute.

When the clerk left the room, Holmes allegedly began touching CC, told her that he had no money, and lowered his pants. She interpreted this as a request for free sex, and, fearing Holmes would take her to jail otherwise, complied, KMBC reports. No arrest was made.

CC reported the incident as rape in mid-April.

Once the investigation began, a second woman, identified by KCTV as "JL," came forward to report a similar incident. JL told investigators that Holmes, wearing his uniform, approached her and asked if she was a prostitute, according to the Kansas City Star. When she said no, he allegedly forced her to take him back to her motel room, then told her they were going to have sex.

JL says that when she questioned him, Holmes responded, "You don't want to go to jail, do you?" Because JL had multiple outstanding warrants, and also had marijuana in the room, she believed that the officer would arrest her if she did not give in to his demands.

Both CC and JL, as well additional witnesses, were able to identify Holmes out of a line-up.

Holmes, who has worked for the Kansas City Police Department for 13 years, was charged on Monday with two felony counts of acceding to corruption, according to Fox 4.

Holmes was suspended with pay in early May when the investigation began, KSHB reports, but is suspended without pay now that he has been formally charged. Though prosecutors initially requested a $25,000 bond, Holmes is now being held on bond of $75,000.

The two women accusing Holmes will not face any prostitution or drug charges.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Jeffrey Holmes was a policeman in Kansas. The story has been corrected to state that he is a policeman in Missouri. We regret the error.

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