Jennifer Lawrence Pulls The Ultimate Prank With 'Hunger Games' Co-Stars

Somebody give her another Oscar for this performance.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood's best young actresses, which essentially, makes her the perfect prankster. 

Thanks to her ability to really get into character -- a Regina George-esque diva, for instance -- the actress pulled off one of the best pranks we've seen in a while. With the help of her "Hunger Games" co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, as well as YouTuber Dylan Miceli-Nelson (who's living with muscular dystrophy), Lawrence pulled a fast one on comedy duo Smosh (Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox). And what's even better, the Smosh guys thought they were the ones pranking her. It's all very meta, but the result is hilarious. 

Of course, the odds were ever in her favor, and JLaw came out on top. 

The clip is part of Defy Media's Prank It Forward initiative, which uses pranks to raise awareness for good causes. The Smosh prank, in particular, aims to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy. 

Prank It Forward also partners with DoSomething.org to donate $1 to a good cause for every 1,000 YouTube views.  

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