"Jesus Christ" Lizard Walks On Water (VIDEO)

The miracle of being able to walk on water has extended beyond just biblical description. Recently released high-definition, slow motion footage from the BBC shows a small, brown basilisk lizard in Belize walking--well, more like running--across the surface of a pond.

The nicknamed "Jesus" or "Jesus Christ" lizards are able to stay upright because they run so fast across the water.

Simon Blakeney, a producer who had filmed the lizard for the BBC told Matt Walker from BBC Earth News, "Because [the lizards] run so fast they create a bubble as their feet hit the water and then they push off from this bubble before it bursts," says Blakeney.

By balancing and pushing off from these bubbles, the lizard is able to "walk" on water.

Check out some earlier incredible footage of the Jesus Christ lizard from National Geographic.

The new slow motion footage will air on the BBC on Monday Oct 19th.

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