At Last! Joe Biden Gets An Ice Cream Flavor Named After Him


Joe Biden is living every ice cream lover’s dream.

The former vice president’s passion for the sweet, frozen treat is no secret. And now, he’s finally getting his very own flavor.

The Cornell University Dairy is naming in Biden’s honor a batch of his favorite ice cream — good old fashioned chocolate chip, the Cornell Daily Sun reports.

It’s in advance of Biden’s convocation address at the Ivy League institution on May 27, during which dairy staff hope to serve 30 three-gallon tubs of the flavor.

Students submitted 150 name ideas to the Cornell Convocation Committee.

They’ve now been whittled down to five finalists: Biden’s Chocolate Bites,” “Bits n’ Biden,” “Big Red, White & Biden,” “Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chip” and “Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip.”

The final name has to be cleared with Biden’s representatives before it can be revealed. Dairy staff hope to do so in the coming days.

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