John And Joan Cusack Go To "War" Together

Honed over their 10 movies together, not to mention a lifetime of dinner-table banter, actors John and Joan Cusack have developed a rapid comedic timing that only a close-knit brother and sister can forge.

Their latest collaboration is a far cry from their '80s teen comedies. First Look Studios' "War, Inc." is what John Cusack - who co-wrote and produced the film - calls an "absurd, deranged, punk rock cartoon" that skewers the war in Iraq and the corporations that profit from it.

Opening Friday at the Angelika Film Center, the satire proves that no matter how angry the Cusacks are over the legacy of the Bush administration, they haven't lost their sense of humor.

John, when you were writing a character who's an "interrogation specialist," what made you think of your sister?

JOHN: The same thing that made you think about her. Outsourcing. Butcher. Soldier for profit industry in a new age. Don't you mainly think about Joan? I know just knowing Joan, she has the capacity to play deranged women with a glee that I knew would be fun to watch.

JOAN: I'm so supportive and so admire his willingness to go out on a limb. If he can make a movie [then] I'm just ready to go.

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