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John Attanasio, Screenwriter Paul Attanasio's Son, Uses Homophobic Slur After Almost Rear-Ending Driver (VIDEO)


An individual identified as John Attanasio, son of famed Hollywood screenwriter Paul Attansio, is coming under fire after a video of him yelling homophobic and sexist slurs at a driver he almost rear-ended began making its rounds on the Internet.

Attanaso also outs himself as being 16 and driving without a proper license and claims that his Camaro is, in fact, a million dollar car. "You wanna see something really humor [sic]? Wanna see something really funny? Look, my license is still a f******g permit because I'm 16, b****!"

What a sweetheart, eh?

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the make of car Attanaso was driving.

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