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John Krasinski Denies Steve Carell Appearance In 'The Office' Finale (VIDEO)


Despite rumors to the contrary, John Krasinski was adamant that Steve Carell will not be appearing in "The Office" finale during his appearance on "Late Show." TVLine insists, however, that Carell will be appearing in a cameo for the May 16th finale.

"We would’ve loved to have Steve on the show," Krasinski said. Would've loved to and did, John?

David Letterman was skeptical and called him out on it. "I think you’re fibbing about this," he told Krasinski.

"There was a big rumor going around like, ‘He was on set!’" Krasinski countered. "Yes, we are actually friends. He doesn’t live in space.”

If the media is getting this Carell cameo wrong, it won't be the first mistake made that relates to Krasinski's on-screen work. When it was announced that Krasinski has a role in the upcoming season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, the Yahoo! report had one major mistake.

"Yahoo! announced that I’m gonna do it, and they put up a picture to go with the article -- and it is not me," Krasinski said. The picture they used was of director John Singleton (it has since been corrected). "I am not a handsome black man, but that is the next role I’m going to play," Krasinski joked. Maybe Singleton will direct.

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