John Oliver Lambasts Media Over NYC Ebola Coverage

John Oliver Lambasts Media Over Ebola Coverage

Chances are you've heard by now that Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola last week after returning to New York City from a service trip to Guinea. Media hysteria ensued and "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver promptly lambasted the press Sunday for obsessing over every inch of ground Spencer covered in the hours leading up to his diagnosis -- especially when it came to the hipster-hangout/bowling alley "The Gutter" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“Of course he went to a bowling alley in Williamsburg,” said Oliver. “Because if you’re talking about a 33-year-old white New Yorker named Craig, you don’t have to tell me he spent a weeknight at a bowling alley in Williamsburg. It is assumed.”

But it was a clip Oliver played of NY1's Errol Louis trying to ease New Yorkers fears about contracting Ebola that really stole the show.

"Now, if you came across some strange mucus or feces or something out there on the subway, the street or anywhere else -- you know, don't eat it!" he said.

"That's good advice," responded Oliver. "That is solid advice. Don't eat mystery mucus in the street until this Ebola panic is over."

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