Jon Stewart: Jeb Bush's Support For George W. Is Like Wearing An 'I F--k Dogs' T-Shirt

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart wants to know why Jeb Bush is suddenly trying to link himself to the foreign policies of his brother, former President George W. Bush.

“At this point, I think most of America agrees that when it comes to foreign policy... George W. Bush is an excellent painter," Stewart said.

On Monday, Jeb Bush said he'd authorize an invasion of Iraq even in light of what we know now, although he later said he misheard the question. And last week, Bush reportedly called his brother one of his top foreign policy advisors.

Stewart predicted that linking himself to the former president probably isn't the best campaign strategy.

"Mentioning his brother's name is like wearing an 'I F--K DOGS' T-shirt during your campaign," Stewart said. "You might be appealing to a small fringe of dead-enders, but most people don't want another dog-f--king president."

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