Joplin Tornado Video Captured By St. John's Mercy Hospital Security Camera Released (VIDEO)

A newly released security camera video from St. John's Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Mo., shows footage of the EF-5 tornado passing through the emergency waiting room.

The footage was posted to YouTube by the Joplin Globe just days before the one-year anniversary of the destructive twister that claimed 161 lives and left the southwestern Missouri town in shambles on May 22, 2011.

Five patients and one visitor were killed at the hospital on the evening of the tornado, according to CNN. St. John's Regional Medical Center was destroyed during the storm, and a new facility named Mercy Hospital Joplin is being rebuilt several blocks from where the original clinic once stood.

Security camera footage doesn't show anyone present in the waiting room at the time of the storm, but the video does capture the tumultuous moments the winds come sweeping into the area, lifting everything into the air.

On Tuesday, Joplin residents marked the anniversary of the fatal storm by honoring those who died, as well as those who survived and helped during recovery efforts.

In order to aid the hospital's expansion, United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba recently announced the nation would be donating $5 million for a pediatric section and neonatal intensive care unit, according to the Associated Press.

And on Monday, President Barack Obama spoke at Joplin High School's graduation. After the school's building was completely demolished by the tornado, students were relocated to temporary locations across town for the new academic year.

"You will not be defined by the difficulties you face, but how you respond – with strength, and grace, and a commitment to others," Obama said during his address to the senior class.

A new high school is expected to open in 2014, the Associated Press reports.