Journey to Access -- Building Access for Youth, Families and Communities

What does it mean to have access to opportunity? Through the years, I have witnessed individuals, parents, families and teens who have struggled to succeed; who encounter so many genuine barriers to a secure, stable future. In providing access to opportunity, we must do more than open a few doors. We strive to expose our participants to realities they never dreamed were possible; equip them with marketable, sought-after skills through high-quality training; and hold their hands through the process, sharing both confidence and belief in their tomorrow - this is true access.

We must efficiently and effectively help individuals build a path, a road to their bright future. We have dreamed with them, we have opened those doors, but we must go that next step and help them create stability and seize those opportunities. We know that access plus exposure equals success, and this is what we endeavor to achieve along with our communities. Providing access to success for disadvantaged youth, further realizes commitment to empower individuals, families and communities.

We recognize that the 'playing field' will never truly be level for the disadvantaged; however, through building innovative, community programs, lobbying legislation and leveraging pivotal corporate and community partnerships, we work to create access and opportunity for our participants that will benefit them and generations to come.