How Julian Schnabel Breaks Through Creator's Block (VIDEO)

Filmmaker-painter-designer Julian Schnabel has revealed his secret to getting out of creative ruts, and it's pretty simple: Get back to work.

In the above video for BigThink, he describes filming a scene from "Before Night Falls" as a transcendant moment where he witnessed the importance and power of having a clarity of vision. But those artists not (yet) making Schnabel-level works of art can still get good mileage out of his advice.

"If you don't paint, you can't be a painter, if you don't write, you can't be a writer, if you don't film something, you're not a filmmaker," he says. "All those people sitting around thinking, 'Oh God, I might make a bad film of I might make a bad painting or maybe somebody won't like this,' you're doomed."

He adds, "It's better to make a mistake than to not do anything. If you win you win, and if you lose you win."

What do you think? Do we just need to simply start on a project and take it from there, or is it that easy?