Modern Movies And TV Shows Get The 80s VHS Covers You Didn't Know They Needed

Longing for the low-fi days of past decades, one Parisian hipster decided to take a stand: He would only watch modern television and movies on VHS.

At least, that's what artist Julien Knez wanted us to believe on April Fools' Day. The artist's prank was one for the books -- Knez designed and assembled VHS cassettes for modern favorites like "Game of Thrones," "Breaking Bad," "Interstellar" and more. Pretending to find inspiration in the 2008 Jack Black comedy "Be Kind Rewind," Knez's alter-ego, "Stan," claimed he'd founded a club called Videotapes Are Not Dead for fellow videophiles.

"Every Thursday, instead of going for after-work drinks with my colleagues," "Stan" told Golem 13, "I meet other videotapes lovers to watch movies and series on my Continental Edison TV, bought at a flea market for three Euros!" (Commence eye-rolling sequence.)

Regardless of whether Stan is real or fake, Knaz's attention to detail in these 80s renditions of modern shows is incredible. Take a look below, and let this be your soundtrack.



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