Justin Long Opens Up About Working With Johnny Depp In New Film 'Tusk'

Justin Long: Johnny Depp Is 'Disarmingly Down-To-Earth'

Kevin Smith warned the cast of his new film "Tusk" to not be surprised by harsh criticism, but that didn't stop the director's friend, Johnny Depp, from accepting a cameo in the project.

Justin Long, who stars in the film, told HuffPost Live about what it was like to work alongside Depp and revealed that fans can expect to see the famous "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor in future Kevin Smith films.

"His daughter and Kevin Smith's daughter have been friends since they were kids, and so I guess that's how [Smith] knows him, and he reached out to him and Johnny eventually said yes," he explained. "[Depp] was intrigued right away. He didn't know if it'd work out in his schedule, but he came and played for two days and was surprisingly good -- who knew Johnny Depp could act!"

To little surprise, Depp's versatility shined even in his bit part.

"He has that playfulness," Long recalled. "He has that whimsy that he kind of exorcises, and it's fully on display in this movie. If you like old, quirky, weird Johnny Depp, then you're going to love this."

But the mega-star was never a diva, Long noted. The set felt virtually unchanged once he arrived.

"It's a testament to Johnny how down to earth and weirdly normal he is that everything stayed the same," he said. "There was a lot more excitement along the crew, obviously ... but he's so disarmingly down-to-earth. He's just, 'Hi, I'm John. Nice to meet you.' Short sentences."

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