J.Viewz' 'Rivers And Homes' Video Uses 2,000 Images, 300 Fans

For all those who are continually awed by films of the stop motion ilk, the "stop motion within a stop motion" subset is a good way to make your brain implode.

Producer/composer Jonathan Dagan -- who goes by J. Viewz -- uses the technique in his video for "Rivers and Homes," the title track off his latest album. The Israeli-born artist -- whose music has been described as a blend of electronica, pop, indie and classic rock -- filmed "Rivers and Homes" in New York and Israel, using the footage to create two parallel videos -- one, a "normal" music video, and another made up entirely of fans.

In said "normal" part, Dagan is seen bounding around upstate New York in the winter wearing a cat costume. His team, led by director Shelly Carmel, then printed out every frame of the video and handed images out to fans in the audience during his tour in Israel. In total, 2,000 images and 300 fans were used in the making of the video -- some fans hold 35 images, while others hold only one.

"We were looking for a way to create a video that isn't 'one-sided,' so that was our way to offer an 'unfinished version' to our fans and have them leave a personal mark," Dagan told The Huffington Post.

This isn't Dagan's first go at actively engaging his fans. When he was working on Rivers and Homes, he set up a website fittingly titled Work in Progress, in which fans could pre-order his album and access new songs as soon as he'd finished them.

Fans who appear in the "Rivers and Homes" video can tag themselves in the video below (or here) for their split-second of fame.