Kat Von D Talkes Exes On 'RuPaul Drives' (VIDEO)

RuPaul is back in his latest web series with a familiar face for reality television fans: Kat Von D, queen of the tattoo world.

In this revealing conversation that takes place while Ru gives Von D a ride to her shop, the "L.A. Ink" superstar opens up to the Supermodel of The World about her past relationships and the way that her high-profile breakup with Jesse James affected her. After highlighting once again the jaw-dropping number of women that James (also known as Sandra Bullock's ex-husband) cheated on her with, Von D shows that the failed relationship hasn't completely forced her to give up love.

"I really want to hold on to the idea of true and noble love and not give up on what that is," she tells Ru. "I think it's important to never give up on love."

Check out the rest of the "RuPaul Drives" episode above to hear Kat discuss her post-breakup life, her relationship with her father and what it means to her to be considered famous.

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