Katie Couric and Laurie David Are Fed Up: You Are What You Eat

The skinny is this: See the documentary Fed Up for consciousness awareness regarding food. Katie Couric and Laurie David have joined forces with director Stephanie Soechtig to shine a light on the realities of the food industry's sabotage of our health and safety. The simple idea that in our weight crazed country, people can be obese and undernourished at the same time, that labeling food is skewed so that representations of sugar content are hidden, that eating less and exercising more are not the key to weight reduction success, or to health, unless we pay very close attention to what we put in our mouths. Fed up yet?

At a special screening at MoMA followed by supper at a Madison Avenue gallery, Venus Over Manhattan, guests including Claire Danes and Jodi Applegate noshed on quinoa cakes, cod on endive, cookies and cake, all recipes inspired by Laurie David's new cookbook, The Family Cooks. Aloha, a green nutrient rich substance in packets, sponsored the sugar free evening. When asked what inspired this focus on food, David's answer was her 20-year-old daughter. When you become a mother, you pay attention to nourishment: "Make sure everyone gets the message to eatreal food."

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