Keanu Reeves Gives Up Subway Seat, New Yorkers Don't Seem To Notice (VIDEO)

WATCH: Keanu Reeves Give Up Subway Seat To Woman

There's sad Keanu, there's happy Keanu and now, gentleman Keanu?

The top post on Reddit this Friday is a video of Keanu Reeves kindly giving up his seat to a woman on the Q train last summer, proving himself to be an upstanding citizen.

It's an interesting case study in celebrity-on-the-subway sociology. How do New Yorkers react to such a famous person joining the daily commute? They don't. For the most part, the straphangers don't seem to pay attention to the Matrix star. Do they not recognize him? Are they just trying to play it cool?

One Redditor has a theory: "They are probably all busy recording him in secret. Just look at how he keeps glancing around. He seems a little uneasy. Either that or he's just watching out for Smith."

Yes, probably.


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