Kenny Loggins: Sex At 66 Is 'About The Connection'

At 66, Kenny Loggins is no stranger to the dealings of women. And yet, the twice-married "Footloose" singer has found that his vision of women and sex is still ever-changing.

In a Tuesday interview with HuffPost Live, Loggins explained how, these days, he "appreciates women more," and sees them "more clearly" than he ever has before.

"I'm not as taken in by the physical," he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "I love a beautiful woman, but I can also see a wider range of her personality."

Loggins, who's been dating "a beautiful younger woman" for the past four years, cited life experience as helping his views evolve.

"I think with wisdom comes the awareness that sex is about connection," he said. "When you're younger, the male animal is all about sowing the seed."

"As I get older, that season has passed," he continued. "It's not about making babies now."

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