Kim Jong Un’s Bevy Of Bodyguards Are Back — And Yes, They’re Still Running

The North Korean leader's bodyguards were spotted in Singapore, jogging alongside his limousine.

SINGAPORE ― After mesmerizing the world with their coordinated jogging during the inter-Korea summit in April, Kim Jong Un’s bevy of bodyguards are back in action in Singapore, where the North Korean leader is set to meet with President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Videos are circulating on social media showing Kim’s black limousine arriving on Sunday afternoon at the St. Regis Hotel, where the leader is reportedly staying during his time here. His car was surrounded by jogging bodyguards, all dressed in identical black suits. It was about 90 degrees and sunny, with humidity at about 70 percent, when Kim arrived.

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The bodyguards who run alongside Kim’s limousine are part of what’s known as the Central Party Office #6, or more formally as the Main Office of Adjutants, according to the BBC. The men are national service conscripts from the Korean People’s Army reportedly selected for their skills, including their marksmanship and martial arts prowess, as well as their appearance.

The guards must be about the same height as Kim, BBC said.

While in Singapore, security is a top concern for Kim, whose 3,000-mile journey to the Southeast Asian city-state is the farthest he’s traveled as leader of North Korea. He brought three airplanes and a convoy of armored vehicles with him from Pyongyang, Time magazine reported.

Singapore said it has spent millions of dollars to secure the summit and its participants.

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