Kim Kardashian Cuts Bangs, The World Yawns (VIDEOS)


Just as we started to think that it was going to take a miracle to get through "hump day," Kim Kardashian fills our Twitter feed with "breaking news" about her new bangs. Kanye's baby mama seems to think that the fringe she debuted back in January (as well as the clip-on bangs from December) are a thing of the past. (Excuse us while we yawn.)

Kim struggled with the decision over Twitter, asking her followers: "Bangs or no??!?!?!" The reality star then uploaded videos to prove that she was getting the cut even though her hairdresser claims "you should not listen to a pregnant woman when making a major change."

Hormones or not, we're getting bored with the Kardashian sisters' and their bangs. What about you?


Mar 13, 2013 | We did it! by KimKardashian on

See how Kim's look has evolved over the years:
Kim Kardashian Style Evolution

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