Kim Kardashian: I Would Date Justin Bieber 'If He Was Of Legal Age' (VIDEO)

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian visited 'Lopez Tonight' on Tuesday and Kim said she would date Justin Bieber "if he was of legal age."

"He definitely has this swag to him," she said. "You just have to meet him. I thought that the shoot was all in fun. We had a good time. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion about it.

Kim, 29, was talking about the Elle shoot in which she and Justin, 16, frolicked in the surf together. Bill O'Reilly later blasted Kim for the pics, arguing that if a 16-year-old girl was photographed suggestively with a 29-year-old man, he'd be in "big trouble."

Kim and Justin also joked that they were dating at the White House Correspondents dinner.