Kim Kardashian Took 6,000 Selfies During 4-Day Mexican Vacation

Would you expect anything less?

We knew Kim Kardashian was a selfie queen, but we had no idea what her duties as social media royalty entailed. Until now, that is. 

On Wednesday, Kim took over her sister Kendall Jenner’s website to break down her recent trip to Mexico by the numbers. She revealed that over the four-day trip, she wore nine different swimsuits (if they even classify as that), drank 10 watermelon smoothies with North, and spent a mere four hours on the beach. (That’s it?!)

The most ridiculous statistic, though, was the number of selfies the 35-year-old took in what was essentially an extra-long weekend. The reality star admitted she snapped 6,000 photos of herself throughout the vacation. Yes, 6,000! Most of us have never even had that many photos on our phones. Also, Kim’s iCloud must have millions of pictures stored on it. 

Selfish in Mexico

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We broke down Kim’s digits even further: there are 1,440 minutes in a day, which equals 5,760 minutes in four days, which amounts to roughly one selfie per minute. It’s 1.042, to be exact. Damn, Kim.

(Note: we are aware that the mother-of-two probably uses the burst feature on her iPhone, which would make so much more sense, but being that we’re way less experienced selfie-takers, we found it amusing to picture Kim taking a pic every minute of the day for four days. We wouldn’t put it past her.) 

For someone who released an entire book of selfies called Selfish, we can’t say we’re surprised about the numbers in the slightest. 

Keep doing you, Kim. 



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