Kung-Fu Crane Takes On 3 Tigers & Wins At Chinese Zoo

Kung-Fu Crane Takes On 3 Tigers... And Wins!

Onlookers at Fuyang Wildlife Park in Hangzhou, China, were horrified when a strong breeze sent a red-crowned crane that had been flying overhead straight into the tiger enclosure. Since much of the enclosure was covered, leaving little room to fly, the bird seemed doomed when three tigers quickly closed in for the kill.

But Master Crane had other plans.

Using moves that might seem like something straight out of "Kung-Fu Panda," the crane managed to keep all three cats at bay -- and by the end of the standoff, onlookers were cheering the plucky bird and laughing at the tigers.

The crane didn't simply defend itself when the tigers tried to strike, it chased them around the enclosure. And when the doors to the interior opened, giving the tigers a way out, the big cats quickly turned tail and ran inside.

With the tigers in hiding, zookeepers were able to remove the crane from the enclosure. It suffered only minor injuries from the tiger tussle, according to UPI.

Check out the encounter in the clip above, and see part of the fight from another angle below.

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