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Lauren Hutton Gives Us Yet Another Reason To Douse Ourselves In Coconut Oil

We here at HuffPost Style are always interested to hear about models' beauty rituals, especially when they include an essential oil we already can't get enough of.

In an interview with VIOLET GREY’s online magazine, The Violet Files, model Lauren Hutton discussed the one product behind her stunning skin.

"Well, I'll have to tell you that I've been slathering myself in coconut oil since I was about 22," she said. Who can blame her? The product can be used for everything: as a face moisturizer, body lotion and hair serum -- heck, you can even cook with it.

But with Hutton's stellar moisturizing game comes a little habit we're not so sure about. Hutton admits that she doesn't use sunscreen, saying that she never did and that she "sort of" regrets it, but "it depends on what kind of light [she's] looking at [herself] in."

Read more of Hutton's interview on and look below to see the gorgeous photographs, shot by Pamela Hanson.

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