Lava Kayaking Near Hawaii Volcano Captured In Stunning Footage (VIDEO)

MUST-WATCH: Daredevils Kayak On Boiling Lava 'River'

A trio of extreme kayakers recently took their daredevilry to scorching heights when they paddled in a red-hot lava "river" near an active volcano.

As this stunning video shows, professional kayakers Pedro Oliva, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry had been on an expedition in Hawaii when they came across the fiery Kilauea volcano, which is one of the most active in the world.

The trio paddled within feet of the blistering lava flows that spewed from the volcano into the waters below, before taking to the expanding lava coastline on foot.

"The goal of our expedition was to find rivers and waterfalls in Hawaii and the possibility of finding a river of lava was so enticing," Oliva, who is from Brazil, said in the video. "The feeling of arriving [at Kilauea] in the very first light of the day and seeing the lava flowing into the ocean was really unforgettable."

As MSN notes, the three kayakers had been in Hawaii to film the latest segment of the Brazilian TV show, "Kaiak."

Featuring incredible footage of Oliva, Korbulic and Stookesberry exploring the most extreme kayaking destinations in the world, the TV program has shown the trio in locations all over the planet, including Norway, Greenland and Brazil.

But as exciting as their adventures seem, Oliva pointed out in the video that his team's extreme kayaking antics are often extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by non-professionals.

In 2010, a kayaking expedition on the Lukuga River in Congo undertaken by Korbulic and Stookesberry turned tragic when their friend and guide Hendrik Coetzee, also an experienced kayaker, was killed by a crocodile who snatched him from his kayak. According to a December 2010 ABC report, the "stretch of river where the trio was traveling is notoriously dangerous because of its whitewater, and numerous crocodiles and hippos."

"I hope people don't see these images and think that it is safe," said Oliva of his recent brush with the steaming volcano.

"The actual ocean itself would burn your hand if you put it in there," Stookesberry told Barcroft Media of the boiling waters they kayaked on during their volcano expedition, according to AOL Travel.

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